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The integration of human resources in the overall strategy of the company:

support for the recruitment process (definition of job profiles, cost of recruitment, conduct of the recruitment interview, identification of candidates and diversification of recruitment criteria (e.g. seniors), construction of pathways to facilitate recruitment (e.g. preparation operational for employment);
support for the employment/skills component in connection with organizational changes (process, equipment, investments, etc.)
understanding of the costs linked to disruptions and uncontrolled HR regulations in the company (absenteeism, etc.)
identification and removal of obstacles to the hiring decision/assessment of HR “risks”;
identification of the potential for job creation and the sustainability of employment contracts;
conditions for integrating new arrivals;
self-diagnosis of the company’s situation in terms of forward-looking management of jobs and skills
development of an employee skills development plan and construction of career paths for employees (development, loyalty, attractiveness);
process of developing the training plan and seeking to optimize the plan
age management and transmission of skills;
role that each player in the company can play in the implementation of an active human resources management plan and development of an HR strategy.
The professionalization of the HR function:

professionalization of the manager in terms of HR and management;
establishment of third-party employers within the framework of a group of companies (for example employer groups)
awareness/training in social relations, especially when crossing social thresholds.

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