UX Design


The UX Design course will allow you to acquire the knowledge and tools necessary to understand the different principles of user experience design, to carry out a good UX study, to use the different types of processes in order to conceptualize a product. from a user-centric perspective.

Introduce user experience design.

Evaluate an existing product and detect its strengths and weaknesses (ergonomics, user-friendliness, emotional impact on the user, etc.) and creatively design an appropriate solution.

Understand the end user of a digital application (mobile application) or a physical product and analyze their behavior, wishes and expectations.

Perform a good UX design study for comfortable and easy use of the final product.

Learn about wireframing and prototyping.

Discover and manipulate the tools of UX design and maintain a design process during the different stages.

Guarantee the satisfaction of the end user of a digital application.

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